Was Jefferson Davis Right? (paperback)


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WAS JEFFERSON DAVIS RIGHT? – Jefferson Davis, captured, imprisoned, and charged with 1) conspiracy and culpability in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln; 2) conspiracy to cause the deaths of Northern P.O.W.’s at Andersonville, Georgia, a detention camp; 3) participating in and attempting to assist in the growth of the system of slavery; and 4) treason against the United States of America, was never afforded his constitutional right to a trial. Scroll below to read more…

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Ch. 1: Jefferson Davis: The Early Years
Ch. 2: Jefferson Davis: The Soldier
Ch. 3: Jefferson Davis: The Planter
Ch. 4: Jefferson Davis: The Statesman
Ch. 5: Jefferson Davis: The Political Prisoner
Ch. 6: Jefferson Davis: The Last Years
Ch. 7: Conspiracy Allegations
Ch. 8: The Federal Government’s Teaching of Secession at West Point
Ch. 9: The Character of President Davis’s Accusers
Ch.10: The Motives of President Davis’s Accusers
Ch.11: The Struggle to Prevent Consolidated Federal Government
Ch.12: A Perpetual or Conditional Union
Ch.13: Secession as an American Political Principle
Ch.14: The Final Argument
Ch.15: Summary and Call to Action
Introduction to Addenda
ADDENDUM  I   Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions of 1798
ADDENDUM II   Sovereign States Defy Unconstitutional Federal Acts
ADDENDUM III  President Franklin Pierce’s Defense of State’s Rights
ADDENDUM IV  Maryland Resolutions of 1861
ADDENDUM  V  United States Supreme Court v. President Abraham Lincoln
ADDENDUM VI  Georgia Resolution of 1864
ADDENDUM VII Appeal for Justice for Major Henry Wirz
ADDENDUM VIII Recommended Reading

Now Jefferson Davis will have his day in court as the authors present the evidence to the jury-their readers. After hearing the case, readers will be able to cast their ballots on the authors’ Web site to determine Davis’ guilt or innocence . . . to answer the question: Was Jefferson Davis Right?

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