Uncle Seth Fought The Yankees (hardback)


UNCLE SETH FOUGHT THE YANKEES – In his first foray into historical fiction, James Ronald Kennedy crafts a compelling collection of tales of Southern independence and the Federalist assault on states’ rights during the War of Northern Aggression. Scroll below to read more…

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Kennedy uses the “everyman” character of Uncle Seth to represent the courageous and rugged individualists who combined the best of the Scotch-Irish, German, and other fiercely independent peoples who found refuge in the South because of racial or religious persecution. Uncle Seth’s stories focus on the Southern determination to be left alone by the federal government and their strong commitment to community, God, and family. The atrocities he chronicles as part of his tales to the youngsters around him provide an insight into the horrors of subjugation and anti-Christian behaviors of Northern invaders while giving a hint at what the future might hold if individuals do not fight for their rights and freedoms.

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