The South Was Right (hardback)


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  • Comprehensive Addenda including the Constitution of the CSA
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THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT! – An authoritative and documented study of the mythology behind Civil War history and its lasting effects on contemporary society. The South Was Right! uncovers evidence that the South was an independent country invaded, captured, and occupied by a vicious aggressor.

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Ch.   1. The Yankee Myth of History
Ch.   2. Slavery: The Yankee Flesh Merchants
Ch.   3. Race Relations in the Old South
Ch.   4. Yankee Atrocities
Ch.   5. A Moral Right to Be Free
Ch.   6. A Legal Right to Be Free
Ch.   7. John Milton: The Father of Secession
Ch.   8. Secession: Answering the Critics
Ch.   9. State’s Rights and Constitutional Liberty
Ch. 10. New Unreconstructed Southerners
Ch. 11. Equality of Opportunity
Ch. 12. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
Ch. 13. The Yankee Campaign
Ch. 14. Summary and Call to Action
Addendum     I. Northern Voices Advocating the Principles of Southern Freedom
Addendum    II. Jefferson Davis’ Farewell Address to the U.S. Senate
Addendum   III. President Davis’ First Inaugural Address
Addendum   IV. President Davis’ Second Inaugural Address
Addendum    V. Law Against Slave Trade Upheld
Addendum   VI. The Constitution of the Confederate States of America
Addendum  VII. Plunder of Eleven Sates
Addendum VIII. Joint Resolution New Jersey
Addendum   IX. U.S. News and World Report Editorial September 27, 1957, and January 26, 1970
Addendum    X. McDonald on the Fourteenth Amendment
Addendum   XI. I Am Condemned To Be Shot
Addendum  XII. A Former Slave’s Letter Home
Addendum XIII. Recommended Reading for the Southern Nationalist

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