The Camel Regiment: A History of the Bloody 43rd MS Vol. Infantry, CSA


  • Hardback
  • 283 Pages
  • Abbreviations, Notes, Bibliography, and Index

Author W. Scott Bell is a descendant of a member of the 43rd MS Volunteer Infantry, or Bloody 43rd.  He presents firsthand accounts and correspondence of the officers and soldiers, most of whom were farmhands and simple folk,  who fought not only for the right of states to govern themselves but also for their homeland.
The 43rd was nicknamed ‘The Camel Regiment’ due to their mascot, Old Douglas, a lone camel used as a beast of burden for the regiment.


Ch.   1: Old Douglas, the Confederate Camel
Ch.   2: Aberdeen: Formation of the Regiment, May 15, 1862
Ch.   3: Post Duty: Okolona and Gainesville
Ch.   4: Iuka
Ch.   5: Corinth
Ch.   6: Operations on the Mississippi Central Railroad
Ch.   7: Snyder's Bluff
Ch.   8: Vicksburg
Ch.   9: Parole
Ch. 10: Pound's Battalion Mississippi Sharpshooters
Ch. 11: The Scott Thompson Letter
Ch. 12: Columbus
Ch. 13: Montevallo, Alabama
Ch. 14:The Atlanta Campaign
Ch. 15: Operations in Northern Georgia and Northern Alabama
Ch. 16: Hood's Tennessee Campaign
Ch. 17: Mississippi Interlude
Ch. 18: Prisoners of War
Ch. 19: Carolinas Campaign
Appendix: 43rd Regiment Roster

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