Rekilling Lincoln (hardback)


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REKILLING LINCOLN – His face is on the penny. His god-like statue reigns over Washington, DC. He saved the Union, freed the slaves, and immortalized the Battle of Gettysburg with the famous words “Four score and seven years ago.” There can be no doubt in American minds that Abraham Lincoln stands among the most honorable and heroic of our presidents—or does he? Scroll below to read more…

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Part I:  Exposing the Myths
Ch.  1: Lincoln, Freer of Slaves & Friend of African Americans
Ch.  2: Lincoln, Savior of the Union
Ch.  3: Lincoln, Defender of the Constitution
Ch.  4: Lincoln, the Christian President
Ch.  5: Lincoln, Humanitarian & Friend of the Common Man
Part II:  Witnesses Against Lincoln
Ch.  6: Ohio Congressman Banished from the US--C.L. Vallandigham
Ch.  7: A Contrarian View of Lincoln's Union--Abel P. Upshur
Ch.  8: Secession: Lincoln's View vs. the American View--William Rawle
Ch.  9: States' Rights vs. Slavery--St. George Tucker
Ch. 10: Star-Spangled Tyranny--Francis Key Howard
Part III: Defenders of the Real America
Ch. 11: The American Apologia
Ch. 12: Lincoln and Democracy
Ch. 13: Conclusion

In a thorough and well-researched argument, Walter Donald Kennedy, the controversial co-author of the bestselling 'The South Was Right!,' again sets the record straight about the legendary figure known as “Honest Abe.” Using historical documents, personal testimonies, and even quotes from Lincoln himself, Kennedy delivers truth after shocking truth about the little-known dark side of America’s sixteenth president. Far from the human rights champion that people suppose him to be, Abraham Lincoln actually attacked free speech, imprisoned innocent men, and murdered Native Americans. He never advocated for African American citizenship, and, in fact, the Emancipation Proclamation never freed a single slave.
While these accusations may seem too incredible to be true, 'Rekilling Lincoln' lays out the evidence clearly and convincingly. It leaves readers wondering if everything they thought they knew about the War Between the States was just, as the saying goes, the winners writing the history books. After all, there are two sides to every story, and the story of Abraham Lincoln just got a whole lot more interesting.

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