Reclaiming Liberty (hardback)


RECLAIMING LIBERTY – We can no longer afford to depend upon incumbent politicians, party hacks, and business-as-usual conservative leaders to defend our personal freedoms. The past one hundred years have been disastrous for constitutional rights in America. Direct and indirect taxation now consume more than 60 percent of our income–we are no longer the land of the free but have become a land of tax serfs. Government interference in our social life has grown from almost nothing in 1900 to almost overwhelming today. Over the past century America’s politicians transformed the U.S.A. from the land of individual liberty and personal accountability to a land of socialist feudalism. Scroll below to read more…

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Recognizing that special interests–both liberal and conservative–participating in the spoils of our current government have failed to defend Americans’ personal freedoms, James Ronald Kennedy has issued this call to action. By following these steps, modern Americans can establish a “Liberty-Based Society” and recapture a Jacksonian democracy in which everyone enjoys the rights and prosperity envisioned by our forefathers. Mr. Kennedy presents workable solutions, supported by our original Constitution, to combat runaway taxation, federal interference, welfare abuse, and other current societal ills. He offers historical evidence to support his conviction that all Americans will benefit, grow, and prosper in an audacious new society that encourages personal accountability, self-determinism, and individual ambition.
Any American interested in change can use this grass-roots political method to peacefully and legally overthrow the current liberal/socialist system and replace it with a liberty-based society.

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