Myths of American Slavery (hardback)


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MYTHS OF AMERICAN SLAVERY – Armed with an open mind and a wealth of historical sources, Kennedy tackles the most common misconceptions and misrepresentations about slavery in America. Indeed, one of the first issues Kennedy addresses is the extent to which slavery flourished and persisted throughout North America, not just in the Southern states. Scroll below to read more…

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Ch.  1. Slavery: A Worldwide Phenomenon
Ch.  2. Slavery Comes to the New World
Ch.  3. Abolitionism Versus Christianity
Ch.  4. African-Americans, Free Born and Slave
Ch.  5. Slavery versus Secession
Ch.  6. Lincoln: The Un-Emancipator
Ch.  7. Slavery and the Confederate States of America
Ch.  8. The Flag of Slavery
Ch.  9. On the State of Slavery in Virginia
Ch.10. On Jordan’s Stormy Banks
Addendum    I. Abstract: On the State of Slavery in Virginia
Addendum   II. Early Anti-Slavery Tract
Addendum  III. Recommended Reading List

Kennedy also reveals how New Englanders, despite their contemporary reputation as uniform abolitionists, really treated slaves, before and after emancipation. Other topics include indentured servitude; Biblical, Christian, and moral arguments regarding slavery; and how slavery related to modern race discriminating.

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