Flags Used By Mississippi


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As this author has aged, and hopefully matured, his time restraints and priorities have changed.  In retirement, it was decided that work is needed on a project that needs to be completed but is not likely to happen.  Unlike many other states, Mississippi does not have a book or a written documentation, devoted to it flags (pictures, drawing, history, etc.).  This researcher attempted to encourage or find someone (certainly one who is more qualified than himself) who would undertake this project.  Since no one could be found, then this task has been left to himself.  This author is compiling as much information that is available from all sources and providing a written summary of the information found.





Index Included

Section One – Introduction, Flags of Army of Northern Virginia
Part 1 – Griffin/Barksdale/Humphrey Brigade
Part 2 – Davis Brigade
Part 3 – Posey/Harris Brigade
Section Two – Introduction, Flags of Army of Tennessee and Western Theater
Part 1 – Adams/Lowry Brigade
Part 2 – Baldwin Brigade
Part 3 – Chalmers/Tucker/Sharp Brigade
Part 4 – Featherston Brigade
Part 5 – Lowrey Brigade
Part 6 – Matin Brigade
Part 7 – Sears Brigade
Part 8 – Walthall/Brantley Brigade
Section Three – Calvary Units
Section Four – Artillery Units
Section Five – Other Units


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