Dixie Rising


  • Paperback
  • 137 pages

Dixie Rising – Rules for Rebels – Since the publication of their bestseller classic THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT! in 1994, the brothers James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy have been recognized spokesmen for the South. By the South they do not mean a political position or a collection of quaint attitudes. Southerners are a people—and as a people have a right to be governed by their free consent. But “at no time since Appomattox have the freedom, the heritage, and the culture of the South been under greater attack.” Scroll below to read more…



How Not To Win
Ch. 1: First Know Yourself and Then Know Your Enemy
Ch. 2: Political Irregular (Guerrilla) Warfare
Ch. 3: Rules for Rebels
Ch. 4: Organizing Dixie's Freedom Movement
Ch. 5: Forming a Shadow Government in Each Southern State
Ch. 6: A Terrible Retribution for the Scalawags and National Enemies
Ch. 7: Lessons Learned: Successful Non-Violent Independence Movements
About the Author

The Southern people are in a struggle for their existence as a people. If things continue as they have been, we will lose. In DIXIE RISING: RULES FOR REBELS the Kennedys propose nothing less than a radical change of approach to the struggle—an approach that discards the losing game of conventional politics. This book is a field manual for what they call “irregular political warfare.” DIXIE RISING provides the tools by which activists can change the current situation and move towards restoring the original Constitutional federal union of self-governing States that our forefathers established. If such a program succeeds, it will be a boon not only to Southerners but to all freedom-loving Americans.

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