Bust Hell Wide Open


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Some called him “the wizard of the saddle”. Union General William Tecumseh Sherman damned him as “that devil Forrest.” Confederate Commander Robert E. Lee said he was the greatest military genius of the war. This giant of a man – six foot tow, two hundred and ten pounds- was Nathan Bedford Forrest, a general who killed no less than thirty men in man-to-man combat in the Civil War.

Praise for Bust Hell Wide Open

“A book worthy of the man. For all the controversy surrounding Forrest, he was an authentic American hero. And in Bust Hell Wide Open, Dr. Samuel Mitcham has given him his due. Highly recommended.” – H.W. Crocker III, author of the bestselling books Robert E. Lee on Leadership and The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War

“An engrossing read of Forrest’s life, Mitcham offers insight into the enigmatic character of Nathan Bedford Forrest.” – Gene Mueller, professor of history, retired, Texas A&M- Texarkana

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Table of Contents

Ch. I. Frontiersman to Millionaire

Ch. II. First Blood

Ch. III. I’ll Be Damned If I’ll Surrender

Ch. IV. Shiloh

Ch. V. The Murfreesboro Raid

Ch. VI. The West Tennessee Raid

Ch. VII. Failure At Fort Donelson

Ch. IX. The Pursuit Of The Jackass Brigade

Ch. X. River of Death

Ch. XI. Forrest Creates An Army: The Second West Tennessee Raid

Ch. XII. Okolona

Ch. XIII. The Third West Tennessee Raid

Ch. XIV. Fort Pillow

Ch. XV. “The Most Perfect Battle”: Brice’s Cross Roads

Ch. XVI. “There Will Never Be Peace”: Tupelo And The Memphis Raid

Ch. XVII. Riding Against Sherman

Ch. XVIII. The Nashville Campaign

Ch. XIX. The Last Battle

Ch. XX After The War



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