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Help Us With Media
Write or assist with articles for publication
  • Our Public Relations Team is writing articles for publication, but they need your help.
  • Click here to see a list of subjects for which we want articles & research.
  • Click here to download Microsoft Word templates that will ensure the correct size of your articles for publication purposes.
  • See Educational Resources for reliable information to assist you
Write letters to newspaper editors
  • Select your subject. Reliable information is available on our site.
  • Make a list of important points. Make one or two points per letter. Send multiple letters, if necessary.
  • Use short quotes from outside sources to prove your points. If a subject is “controversial”, Biblical & historical references are essential.
  • Write the first draft. Ask a friend to proof-read it for clarity, conciseness, and grammar.
  • Write the final version.
  • Mail it to one or more newspapers or magazines.
  • Send us a copy. We might convert it into an article for mass distribution.
Persuade newspaper editors to publish our articles & media
  • If people in the local community request it, newspapers & magazines will publish articles that are favorable to freedom, morality, and the South.
  • Dixie Alliance™ is continually sending media releases and columns to newspapers & magazines. Some are being published; some are not.
  • You & your friends should phone & write to the media to request that they publish our articles & press releases. Click here to see available articles.
Help Us With Government Officials
Send copies of our articles & your “letters to the editor” to government officials
Respect the principles, monuments, images & flags of the Confederate States of America.
  • The C.S.A. was the champion of Original Intent.
  • Only when evil influences in the federal government became a significant threat to Original Intent, did the people of the South declare independence & ultimately unite to create the C.S.A.
Tell your state officials to demand federal adherence to the Original Intent of the U.S. Constitution
  • If Original Intent is not respected, the federal government will continue to destroy freedom & morality (Liberty).
  • Learn about Original Intent, apply your knowledge to current events, especially the illegal federal actions, and tell state officials to defend the state & its people against federal tyranny.
Reject an Article V Constitutional Convention and other convention designed to re-make the U.S. Constitution
  • Before you studied our material about Original Intent, did you understand the U.S. Constitution? Do your friends understand it?
  • If the Liberty Amendments are truly good, under today’s cultural climate & Left-wing media dominance, what chance do they have of being added to the U.S. Constitution?
  • Is the attempt to pass the Liberty Amendments worth the risk of having the U.S. Constitution completely re-written?
  • Can a people who have elected mediocre Republicans & Left-wing Democrats to Congress & the White House create a better constitution than we already have?
  • Could a Constitutional Convention escape a media-driven effort to grant enormous powers—powers currently un-Constitutional– to the federal government under a new or revised U.S. Constitution?
  • Despite the power limits imposed by our current U.S. Constitution, the federal government is almost completely out of control. Is freedom & morality more likely to be respected under a revised Constitution that would give the federal government almost limitless power, or under our current Constitution that severely limits federal power (though Americans fail to understand or enforce it).
  • Read about Original Intent.
  • Read about the drive to re-write the U.S. Constitution.
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