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  •   We abide by Christian principles.
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  • We help you take a visible stand for Liberty.
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Get Your Tri-County Academy

Championship T-shirt.

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Fly the Grand Flags of Liberty: Bennington, Betsy Ross, Bonnie Blue, Christian, 1st Confederate, 3rd Confederate, Confederate Battle, Gadsden, and Gonzales.

Buy the Liberty flag and flagpole together and save!
All of the Grand Flags of Liberty are available with our most popular residential flagpoles.

The Grand Principles of Liberty
Today, we feature The New American, one of America’s premier news and pro-Liberty magazines.  Free downloads!

More Grand Principles of Liberty
Download audios, videos and books for your Liberty studies.  They’re FREE!

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We stock the books that teach the principles of Liberty and inspire people to act on them.

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Get these heart-grabbing CDs about the American War for Independence.  These stories are better than words can describe!

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Click above to shop our Liberty T-shirts.  Take a visible stand for Liberty wherever you go!


Support for Trump’s reelection in 2020 with this beautiful Trump 2020 flag. Fly it on your in-ground flagpole or porch pole!  If you don’t have one, shop flagpoles.

Take a visible stand for Liberty and your heritage every time you’re on the road. Check out our Bumper Sticker collection.

Bumper stickers promote Liberty and our heritage on the back of the car.  License plates promote it on the front.

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Shop our hats with interchangeable patches.


Browse through our Lapel Pins collection.

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